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5 Important Life Lessons Taught By Indian Railways

As children we all read the chapter, “Matter – Solid, Liquid and Gases” since our preliminary years. Slowly the content of the chapter intensified with details. The basic that imprinted in our minds is, “Every thing in this universe – Living or Non-living, is made up of matter“. Even though the title of this blog, might seem a bit weird, it has great relevance to this scientific theory of matter. Despite every differentiation in our physical state, different elements of matter unites us. Thus, why not draw inspiration from a non-living object as well. Here are 5 important life lessons taught by Indian Railway:

1. Equality: Railway treats all its customer as equal. If you are travelling by a particular train, whether you spent a few extra bucks on your AC seat or you are packed in an unreserved compartment, the commencement time and destination time will be same for all. If its running late, everyone has to bear the burden. If its on time, everyone is blessed.
2. Relationship: Irrespective of age and state, you can’t abandon your relations. A track, howsoever, it is tired has to bear the burden of the engine and coaches and wagons. The fastest train is useless without a track. Its their never ending love which bestows us with a safe journey.

3. Determination: Change of weather conditions, change of terrain, change of Loco Pilots, change of structure……. whatever be the circumstances, Railway is determined to run. Even during the COVID pandemic, it has emerged as a conveyance to stranded people and also our goods.

4. Optimism: There have been many train accidents and criticism. But, the railway never stops its service. It has an optimistic approach towards the destination it has to reach. It always revives itself to cater to the present.
5. To Forget, Forgive and Move Ahead: Indians are well aware of Rail Roko and strikes and damage of Railway property over every trifling issues (Sometimes not even related to Railways). Railway is very prone to these. However, it has learnt to forget and forgive the miscreants. It offers them seat when needed, sometimes after calling off the strikes, they travel by the same train, they were blocking. This attitude helps it to move ahead.
Its a truth, every aspect has both an optimistic and a pessimistic side. I choose the positive ones. I would also encourage the readers of this blog, to comment on what life lessons they have learnt from any non-living object in their lives.

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