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Subject :  ACM LDCE Question Paper ER

Examination held on 01.11.2020

Subject matter of the circular

Time: 3 hours
Full marks : 100
Date : 01.11.2020
Answer ALL questions from Section ‘A’ and Section ‘C’ and any 30 questions from Section ‘B’
All Questions carry equal marks. One third mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.
SECTION A-Technical Subject
40 marks
1. What is the Compensation Claim paid in Rupees for untoward incident resulting in death?
(A) 2 Lakhs (B14 Lakhs (C) 8 Lakhs (D) No Limit 2. The minimum distance for charging of goods traffic is
(A) 100 kms (B) 50 Kms (C) 25 Kms (D) Actual Kms carried 3. What is a CRT in Railway parlance ?
(A) Cathode Ray Tube (B) Container Rail terminal (C) Cargo Rail Transporter (D) Container Rail Transport 4. What rate are Parcels booked in Rajdhani Express 7
(A) R Scale (B) R Scale + 10% (C) R Scale + 20 % (D) R Scale + 25% 5. What is Rail Madad ?
(A) Computerised help desk in RPF Booths (B) Help given to passengers in running train
(C) Integrated web based complaint management system for complaints and its redressal
(D) Computerised information about Sr. Citizens and Divyangjan 6. What is LTTC ?
(A) Long Term Training Course (B) Long Term Traffic Contract (C) Leave Term Travel
Concession (D) Luggage Train Traffic Cargo 7. According to the current instruction of Railway Board, Busy Season Charge for freight has been
withdrawn for … (A) All commodities except Iron Ore and POL (B) All commodities except Coal, Coke and
Container (C) All commodities.except Automobile traffic (D) All Commodities 8. What is the discount given in Fly Ash in bagged condition when carried in flat wagons ?
(A) 25 % (B) 40 % (C) Charged at LR1 (D) Not allowed in flat wagons 9. What is the minimum number of wagons to be loaded to avail train load benefit in BCNHL
wagons ?
(A) 57 (B) 52 (C) 42 (D) 29 10. What is e-TRR ?
(A) European Transport Reseach Review (B) Electronic Transmission of Railway Receipt
(C) Electrical Transmission of Railway Receipt (D) Electronic Tariff of Railway Rules 11. In case of variation between two weighments of a rake, which will be the chargable weight?
(A) First Weighment (B) Second weighment (C) Higher of the two (D) Second weighment not
permitted 12. The power to permit installation of a private weighbridge on Railway land lies with – (A) GM (B) PCCM (C) DRM (D) PCOM & PCCM jointly
13. What is the present designation of the Member Railway Board heading the Traffic
Department? (A) Member Traffic (B) Member Commercial (C) CEO Traffic Commercial (D) Member,
Operations & Business Development 14. What is TEFD ?
(A) Trainload enabled Freight Discount (B) Traditional Empty flow direction (C) Traditional
Electronic Freight distance (D) Train Empty flow direction 15. Advance booking of parcel space in SLRs and VPS is permitted upto how many days in
advance? (A) Not permitted (B) 90 days (C) 60 days (D) 120 days
16. A passenger can claim full refund of fare if the train is running late by how many hour
(A) 1(B) 2 (C)3 (D) 4 17. The amount of ex gratia paid to the next of kin for death in a train accident is …….
(A) 10,000 (B) 20,000 (C) 25,000 (D) 50,000 18. Station to Station Rates refers to ………
(A) Normal Tariff Rate (8) Special Reduced rates between two stations (C) Full Tariff Rate (D)
Parcel Rates for Freight Traffic 19. What does Section 143 of The Railways Act deal with ?
(A) Untoward incidents (B) Entering and misusing railway property (C) Unauthorised business
of procuring and selling railway tickets (D) Occupying seat belonging to another passenger 20. What is the minimum basic fare of a Monthly Season Ticket (in Rs)?
(A) 100 (B) 150 (C) 200 (D) 250 21. Movement of relief material for victims of natural calamities comes under which priority of
Preferential Traffic Schedule ?
(A) A (B) B (C)C(D) D 22. Which commodity contributes the maximum in ER’s loading 7
(A) Coal (B) Cement (C) Steel (D) Stone 23. Draft para is …….
(A) Draft put up for Monthly report (B) Audit observation and objection (C) Draft put up by
GM to Chairman & CEO Railway Board (D) Initial report of Pay Commission 24. How much concession does a cancer patient travelling in 1 AC or 2AC get if he/she is travelling
for treatment or check up ?
(A) 25 % (B) 50% (C) 75 % (D) 100 % 25. According to the latest circular, the charges for coaching train for Military traffic is subject to
a minimum charge of how many coaches ? (A) 16 (B) 18 (C) 10 (D) 20 26. Tatkal reservation scheme was initially introduced in the year
(A) 1997 (B) 2004 (C) 2010 (D) 2014 27. Women Sr. Citizens of 58 years age or more are entitled to how much concession in Rajdhani
and Shatabdi group of trains during normal times ?
(A) 25% (B) 50% (C) 75% (D) 100% 28. What is the full form of NINFRIS?
(A) New Improvements in Non Fare Revenue India Scheme (B) New Innovative Non Fare
Revenue in India Scheme (C) National Institute of Nutrition for Rural India Scheme (D)
National Initiative for Non Fare Revenue in States 29. What is the full form of LHB ?
(A) Low Height Bogie (B) Linke Hoffman Boesch (C) Loco Hauled Bogie (D) Loco Hoffman
Boesch 30. What is ZBTT ?
(A) Zero Based Time Table (B) Zone Based Time Table (C) Zero based Train Timings (D) Zone
“based Train Trips 31. Supercessional RR’s are issued for.
(A) Diversion (B) To Pay Consignment (C) Said to Contain consignment (D) All of the above 32. What is the maximum charges of a Tatkal ticket in Sleeper Class (in Rs)?
(A) 100 (8) 200 (C) 300 (D) 400 33. Dog is permitted to be carried with passenger in which Class?
(A) Sleeper (B) General Class (C) 2 AC (D) 1 AC 34. Goods Sheds which are permitted to handle containers are notified as
(A) PFT (B) CFS (C) CRT (D) Public Siding 35. What is RORO in IR?
(A) Iron Ore rake (B) Rolling down of train (C) Roll on Roll Off system (D) Traffic in empty flow
26. What is the name of the scheme which provides alternate accommodation to wait listed O Passengers in other trains? S 3 ) Chunao (B) Vikalp (C) Ichha (D) Adhikar
@ ZMS and RMS are related to ……
INS&T(B) Mobile App (C) Booking and Charging of goods (D) None of the above zo. What is known as CPLP7
Comprehensive Parcel Leasing Policy (B) Comprehensive Packing and Luggage Policy > (C) Comprehensive Parcel & Luggage Policy. (D) Cargo Packing & Leasing policy 39. MPS Policy in IR is related to …..
(A) Members of Parliament (B) Multi Purpose Stalls (C) Environment Issues (D) None of the
above 40. What is ZRTI?
(A) Zonal Railway Train Information (B) Zonal Railway Training Institute (C) Zonal Rates
Tribunal Information (D) Zonal Railway Target Information
30 Marks
SECTION B-General Knowledge including Optional Ques on Official Language
1. Gankar station is in which division of Eastern Railway?
(A) Howrah (B) Sealdah (C) Asansol (D) Malda 2. Who is the current captain of Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2020?
(A) Dinesh Kartik (B) Eoin Morgan (C) Andre Russel (D) None of the above The first train in Eastern India ran on which date?
(A) 15 Aug 1853 (B) 16 April 1853 (C) 15 Aug 1854 (D) 16 April 1854 4. in which year was Kanchrapara workshop set up?
(A) 1863 (B) 1873 (C) 1883 (D) 1893 5. Bandhan Express runs between which Stations? < (A) Sealdah to Dhaka (B) Kolkata to Khulna (C) Kolkata to Dhaka (D) Sealdah to Khulna 6. Durgiyana Express runs between which two stations ?
(A) Howrah and Raxaul (B) Kolkata and Jaynagar (C) Kolkata and Amritsar (D) Howrah and
Jammu Tawi 7 National Academy of Indian Railways is located in ……..
(A) Secunderabad (B) Vadodara (C) Lucknow (D) Nashik 8. Who has taken over as the MD & CEO of HDFC Bank?
(A) Aditya Puri (B) Amitabh Chaudhary (C) Sandeep Bakshi (D) Sashidhar Jagdishan 9. Which Bank was earlier known as the Imperial Bank of India ?
(A) Bank of India (8) State Bank of India (C) Punjab National Bank (D) Indian Bank 10. Who is the creator of Peanuts Cartoon?
(A) Stan Lee (B) Greg Evans (C) Charles Schulz (D) Dean Young 11 Who is known as Deshbandhu ?
(A) C.F. Andrews (B) Chittaranjan Das (C) Madan Mohan Malaviya (D) Gopal Krishna Gokhale 12. Geet Govind is a creation of.
JA) Kalidas (B) Bana Bhatt (C) Bharat Muni (D) Jaydev 13. When is International Yoga Day celebrated ? (A) 21 June (B) 21 March (C) 22 April (D) 31 May 14. Hornbill Festival is held in the state of ………
(A) Arunachal Pradesh (B) Nagaland (C) Manipur (D) Meghalaya 15. What is Hepatitis C is a disease of ………
(A) Heart (B) Liver (C) Kidney (D) Skin 16. Who amongst the following is the first lady Loco Pilot in Indian Railways 7
(A) Rajshree Sachdev (B) Bhavani Kumari (C) Ritu Chauhan (D) Surekha Yadav
17. Which part of the Sun is visible during eclipse?
(A) Photosphere (B) Chromosphere (C) Corona (D) None of the above 18. In which year did the Titanic sink in its maiden voyage ?
(A) 1911 (8) 1912 (C) 1913 (D) 1914 19. What is the Capital of Portugal ?
(A) Lisbon (3) La Paz (C) Buenos Aires (D) Santiago 20. Peter Durand is credited with which invention?
(A) Durand Cup (B) Tinned Food (C) Border between India and Afghanistan (D) Newspaper 21. The high mast national Flags placed in Railway premises and stations are called
(A) Giant Flags (B) Monumental Flags (C) Tall Flags (D) Gagan Flags
The width of a Broad Gauge track is
(A) 1000 mm (B) 1776 mm (C) 1876 mm D/1676 mm 23. What was the occupation of William Fairlie after whom the ER HQ is named ?
(A) Soldier (B) Railway engineer (C) Architect (D) Merchant 24. Vigilance Awareness Week is observed in the week in which whose birthday falls ?
JA) Mahatma Gandhi (8) Sardar Patel (C) Jawaharlal Nehru (D) Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose 25. Bhattanagar station is the interchange point of which two divisions ?
[A] Howrah and Asansol (B) Howrah and Kharagpur (C) Howrah and Sealdah (D) Howrah and Malda 26. What is the name given to Train 18 7
(A) Tejas (8) Vande Bharat (C) Mahanama (D) Gatimaan 27. What is the number of Sealdah New Delhi Rajdhani Express ?
(A) 12301 (B) 12343 (0) 12313 [D] 12331 28. Maliniattam is a dance form of which state ?
TA) Tamil Nadu (B) Telangana (C) Kerala [D] Karnataka 29. How many assembly constituencies does Bihar have?
(A) 223 (B) 263 (C) 243 (D) 253 30. Who is the Democratic Candidate for US Presidential Elections?
(A) Hilary Clinton (B) Joe Biden (C) Kamala Harris [D) Donald Trump 31. What is the meaning of Hindi according to the Official language Act?
(A) Hindi or any other local dialect (B) Hindi in Devnagiri script (C) Hindi in any script (D) Any
Indian Language 32. When is Hindi Diwas celebrated ?
(A) 12 Sept (B) 14 Sept (C) 1 April (D) 14 Nov 33. In which Article of Constitution has Hindi been given the status of Rajbhasha?
(A) 343 (B) 353 (C) 363 (0) 373 34. West Bengal lies in which region according to Official Language Rules?
(A) A (B) B (CLC (D) D 35. The basic Rajbhasha course is called ……
(A) Parangat (B) Prabodh (C) Pragya (D) Praveen 36. The Official Language Rules was passed in the year
(AL 1976 (B) 1963 (C) 1967 (D) 1977 37. What should be the order of exhibiting the name and designation in signboards in railway
premises ? (A) Hindi, English, Regional Lang (B) Regional Lang. Hindi English (C) English, Hindi, Regional
Lang (D) Only Hindi and English 38. The Official language Commission constituted in 1955 was also known as
(A) Mukherjee Commission (B) Kothari Commission (C) Kher Commission (D) Nanavati
Commission 39. Which of the following comes under Region B of the Official Language Rules?
(A) Bihar (B) Gujarat (C) Goa (D) Jharkhand 40. What is the cash award in Rupees given for passing Pragya Examination?
(A) 2800 (B) 2600 (C) 2400 (D) 2500
SECTION C- Establishment and Financial Rules
30 Marks
1 Maternity Leave can be granted upto how many days ?
(A) 60 (B) 90 (C) 120 (D) 180 2. A Railway employee in GP 4200 and above is entitled to what kind of Privilege Pass ?
(A) First Class A (B) First Class (C) Second Class (D) Second Class A What is the full form of IPAS ? (A) Integrated Payment Accounting System (B) Integrated Payroll and Accounting System (C)
Indian Railway Payment Accounting System (D) None of the above 4. Who among these is a JAG Officer in Railways ?
(A) Dy CSTE (B) Sr.AFA (C) CPTM (D) Sr. PRO 5. What does NBR stand for?
(A) Not behind Railway (B) Next below Rule (C) Never Booked Receipt (D) Night Block Register 6. Who is the competent authority to allow alteration of recorded date of birth for Gr. C
Employees ?
(A) GM (B) Chief Justice of India (C) President (D) Municipal Commissioner 7. Which of the following expenditure does not fall under Capital Expenditure ?
(A) Gauge Conversion (B) Staff Quarter (C) Staff Car (D) Passenger Amenities 8. Who among the following is not considered as NRUCC members ?
(A) Member of Parliament (B) Chairperson of Nationalised Banks (C) Secy of certain Ministries
(D) Representatives of Chambers of Commerce and Industry 9. Draft Para is issued by
E (A) Audit Officer (B) GM (C) DRM (D) PFA
 10. Ex Cadre post is an ……..
(A) Isolation Post (B) Tenure Post (C) Supernumerary Post (D) Permanent Post 11. Duty Pass issued to a GM is called ………
(A) Bronze Pass (B) Silver Pass (C) Platinum Pass (D) Gold Pass 12. How many Central Pay Commissions have been formed till now?
(A) 4 (B) 5 (C) 6 (D) 7 13. What is UMID Card ?
(A) Universal Medical Indentification Card (B) Universal Medical Identity Domian Card
(C) Unique Medical Identity Card (D) None of the above 14. What is the full form of HRMS ?
(A) Human Resource Medical Science (8) Human Resource Management in Stations
(C) Human Resource Management System (D) None of the above 15. Which of the following Plan Heads pertains to Commercial Department?
(A) 16 (B) 42 (C) 17 (D) None of the above 16. Which of the following is not a punishment under DAR rules ?
(A) Censure (B) Stoppage of PTO (C) Suspension (D) None of the above 17. Who is the head of the Vigilance Organisation in a Zonal Railway ?
(A) GM (B) AGM (C) SDGM (D) DGMG 18. What is the full form of RELHS ?
(A) Railway Establishment Housing Scheme (B) Railway Employees Liberalised Health Scheme
(C) Rapid Electric Loco Hauling System (D) Roster Equipped Labour Handling Scheme 19, What does APAR mean?
(A) Abstract Pay Analysis Roll (B) All personnel Aptitude Record_(C) Annual Performance
Appraisal Report (D) Average Point Against Retirement 20. In which year did RTI Act come into force ?
(A) 2002 (B) 2005 (C) 2001 (D) 2003 21. What is the full form of HOER?
(A) Hours of Employment Regulation (B) Honour of Employment Regulation (C) Hours of
Employees Regulation (D) Hour of Eternal Regulation
22. What is the name of the National Training Institute for Traffic Officers ?
(A) NAIR (B) IRITM (C) IRISET (D) IRIMEE 23. What is the maximum amount of continuous leave that can be granted to a Railway servant ?
(A) 3 Yrs (B) 5 Yrs (C) 7 Yrs (D) 1 Yr 24. What is the minimum years of service required to be eligible for Post Retirement
Complimentary passes ?
(A) 15 Yrs (B) 33 Yrs (C) 10 Yrs (D) 20 Yrs 25. Which of the following is not a Major Penalty?
(A) Removal (B) Dismissal (C) Stoppage of Increment (D) Compulsory Retirement 26. What is the date of introduction of the New Pension Scheme?
(A) 1.7.2004 (B) 1.1.2007 (C) 1.1.2004 (D) 1.4.2004 27. In which year was the Administrative Tribunal Act passed by the Parliament of India ?
(A) 1980 (B) 1990 (C) 1985 (D) 1995 28. The Personnel Branch in a Zone is headed by
(A) PFA (B) PCE (C) PCPO (D) AGM 29. Contingency Fund of India is governed by which Article of the Constitution?
(A) 19 (B) 139 (C) 257 (D) 267 30. Receipts from fines are credited to which fund ?
(A) Development Fund (B) Staff Benefit Fund (C) Rashtriya Sangraksha Kosh (D) Capital Fund