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5 Important Life Lessons Taught By Indian Railways

Its a truth, every aspect has both an optimistic and a pessimistic side. I choose the positive ones.

Pataleswar Temple, Chatikona

The temple is around 2 km from the station on a small hillock surrounded by the pristine Niyamgiri Mountains. Gadgada waterfall flows besi

History of Sealdah Station

Sealdah Railway Station incredibly stands out from the rests. In 1862, the station was well established with 4 platforms, since then it eme

A Dive in Maldives

There are more than 1000 islands in Maldives divided in 26 atolls. But not all islands are inhabited. Many islands have been taken over by f


A white astronaut suit was accidently churned into a tumbler filled with blue dye and it emerged as a blue Booking Clerk suit.

The unsung heroes of Indian Railways – The real Warriors

These unsung heroes, always under pressure of targets and facing the wrath of passengers, are the real warriors of Indian Railways.