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TTE Ticket Checking Staff in Covid

The unsung heroes of Indian Railways – The real Warriors

The onset of Amphan cyclone, another likely disaster, during the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic period has given further reason to the state’s machinery to gear up with the alarming situation. It is seen that during any disaster, the role of medical and police comes to the foremost. There is however another frontline warrior who is least sang off is the Ticket Checking staff of Indian Railways.

Whatever had been the situation in better or for worse this cadre of Indian Railways has always been in the front and had always faced the first blow. The train accidents involving passengers had perpetually discerned the ticket Checking staff in the pivotal role of rescuer. Not only at the site of accident but even at the far off stations, it is our Ticket checking staff who had played the role of guiding and providing information to the passengers.
Even today, the running of Special trains with passengers boarding from various zones Red, Orange and Green are being manned by our Ticket checking staff to look after the comfort and safe journey of the passengers. During the course of their duty they are least worried about their own health and safety.
These unsung heroes, always under pressure of targets and facing the wrath of passengers, are the real warriors of Indian Railways. They are the person who act as a life saviour by making a train run under Green Corridor during medical emergency, they are the person who help passengers get back their left behind articles, they are the person who breaks the chain of child trafficking and many more.

The real heroes are always left unsung, let them be so because the moment they are sung, they no longer remain hero. They are the hero for whom they meant for, whose life they bring everlasting changes, for the organisation they are in and for all of us who are having a glimpse of their activities.

Finally dedicating few lines of a poem written by David Harris for these unsung heroes These unsung heroes don’t want medals,glory or even fame.In fact, most would walk away afterwards,without anyone ever knowing their name.It is not that they feel guilty.They just feel that they haven’t doneanything that is specialor something someone elsewouldn’t have probably done.Therefore, to all those unsung heroesthis poem is just for you.