Use of term Revenue in place of Earnings
Cancellation of Periodical Transfer of staff  dt. 07.08.2020
Use of term Revenue in place of Earnings  dt. 31.07.2020
General Department Competitive Examination  dt. 03.08.2020
Revised admissibility to travel by taxi   dt. 23.07.2020
Retierment formalities through Virtual means  dt. 21.07.2020
Renting of office space by Railways / PU   dt. 20.07.2020
Introduction of 100% MCQ in written examinations for  LDCE  dt. 20.07.2020
Covid Leave rules SCR   dt. 15.07.2020
Revision of NDA    dt. 13.07.2020
Review of Pending Indents RRB/RRC 09.07.2020
Treatment of absence period from duty due to COVID-19 WCR 30.06.2020
Extension of timelines for submission of APAR DoPT   11.06.2020
Extension of validity of Pass PTO due to COVID 19    15.06.2020
Draft IR Establishment Code Sixth Edition 2020
TC CC ECRC Medical  Category
Discontinuation of Hard Copies of Order
Date of next increment
LDCE 70% rule
Harmonized guidelines for Divyanjyans
LDCE 70% Level 6 3 yrs service can apply
Uniform Policy of sanctioning of leave ECOR
Fixation of pay
LDCE 70% rule II
RBE for NPS to OPS
Posting Dy SS Commercial
Night Duty Rate -Basic Wise
Organisation Chart Indian Railways
Process flow of HRMS mobile app
NDA Rate  01-07-2019
Review withdraw of stoppage of mail express train
Commercial Control phone number
Husband Wife same place posting
Shortest route for Pass Southern Railway
New uniform Commercial staff
Incentive for acquiring fresh higher qualifications 15.03.2019
Inter Railway Transfer Policy

Medical ID Card Numbering and generation
Master circular  – Compationate appointment
Integrated Railway Hepline 139 IVR
GST Cloak Room 2017
Still Video shooting on Railways
Staff Benefit Fund to Cancer Kidnet and Heart
Scanned Service Book ECOR
Railways Second ammendment Act 2003
Blood donation SCL
Guidelines Quarter Allotment WAT
FAQ on Leave
Citizens charter for Passenger Services
Conveyance Allowance Rates
Entitlements after 7 PC
Leaving Abroad Rules
Pension Manual
Quarter Allotment Master Circular 49
Railway Establishment  Rules 
Provident Fund Act, 1925
Option for Switching over from NPS to Old Pension Scheme 
One time relaxation for retention of Railway accomodation in view of COVID 19  19.05.2020
Microsoft Team Office software for IR 19.06.2020
Online Training on Indian Railways   19.06.2020
Compilation of MACP Scheme SCR BZA 2015 

Leave Rules
LTC for Railway Employees Circular
LTC for Railway Employees Explanation
LTC Railway Spouse
Ex gratia for  Hospitalization
Ex gratia Relief Accident
Ex Gratia and compensation IRCM 
Entitlement in Empanelled hospital general semi private ward UMID
Master Circular  on CEA & Hostel Subsidy
APAR of NG staff in level 6
All about UMID
Additional Benifit death NPS
UMID card colour 

This page contains information on Establishment and Miscellaneous Circulars on Indian Railways categorized for easy readability. Contains  Railway Board Circulars and Zonal  Circulars.

In this page you will also find important information like rules regarding Name change facility on Tatkal tickets, Tatkal charges you have to pay while booking. Premium Tatkal Policy and many others.