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Shivling of Saranda Chakradharpur

Shivling of Saranda

As the train chugged through the messy jungle of Saranda, a calm and serene atmosphere welcomes you. However , at times this calmness and serenity is broken by the deadly and drastic act of extremism hiding somewhere in this jungle. Just while you cross through this region you can hear the ringing of bells and chanting of Slokas from station that would hardly look like a Station of any such importance. I am talking about the holy place of Mahadevsal station a location for Mahadev Shivling lying in this deep forest of Saranda. Mahadevsal station is located between Chakradharpur and Rourkela station of Chakradharpur Division in South Eastern Railway. This location has a religious importance and a place of congregation of Shiva devotee during Shravan month of Hindu calendar. The uniqueness of this place is not only that there is a Shivling in the center of a forest but also because the Linga is half cut from the top. There are several anecdotes associated with this place. One of the most known and said story about this place is that during the laying out of the tracks for Railways during pre independence era , the worker got struck with a stone that came from below the ground. It is said that the worker refused to work further at that site but the British supervisor forced them to dig further which lead to the stone getting parted in two piece. All the worker fled from the site fearing the wrath of God may fall upon them .The track had to be shifted little right side due to this incident as no labour wanted to work for that site. It is also said that the British supervisor who forced to work also died in some accident.

The place has now been developed as temple and is a beautiful place being visited by lacs and lacs of devotees during the auspicious Shravan month. The Railways also provide stoppage of major Mail Express train at this location during this one month. One time visit is worth for this place and is highly recommended.