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Steam engine chugging along

Chugging along

Firing the blog engine

Only a few places are left with the bygone smell of burning coal, the romantically whistling and chugging black beauty faintly reminiscing our colonial past. Where slowly you can fall in love with the nostalgia of war horses – their majestic wheels revolving in arms with the massive coupling rods, pistons fuming steam, smokey chimney, drivers cabin lit by the warm glow of the firebox. It’s an enigma like a childhood love. As the engine chugs along with bellowing smoke, it churns the minds of hundreds of passengers and their thoughts, where each have their own share of experiences and cherished memories. This blog is like that fairy train giving a ride to its readers swiveling around the hundred illuminated thoughts. “Chugging Along” is an open platform where anyone may pen their thoughts related to Railways – be it rail travel, it’s heritage, its culture, it’s daily chaos or the sublime silence. Everyone is free to explore the boundaries. So why wait, tap your mobile or desktop and send your blogs. Chugging Along is waiting for you to come onboard.