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Subject : Continuation of issuance of manual pass to Railway Employees

Letter no : PC-VII/2020/HRMS/6(Part) Dt 16.11.2020

Subject matter of the circular



No. PCVII/2020/HRMS/6(Part

New Delhi, dated: 16.11.2020 

The General Managers, All Indian Railways and Production Units/Training Institutes (As per standard mailing list

Sub: Continuation of issuance of Manual Pass to Railway Employees 

Ref: Boards Letter No. PCVII/2020/HRMS/6 dated 14.08.2020 


Please refer to Bourds letter dated 14.08.2020 (RBE 66/2020) containing the guidelines for ePrivilege Pass/PTO Modules of Human Resource Management System (HNMS) in Indian Railways which was launched on 10.08.2020. The following crucial aspects were mentioned in the said letter


EPass/PTO module shall be available to serving employee of Indian Railways Wie.f. 24.08.2020. Provision of physical pass shall also be there up to 31.10.2020 and employees who want to avail Privilege Pass/PTO in the physical fomn can avail the same during the period i.e. up to 31.10.2020. However, from 01.11.2020, Privilege Pass/PTO will be available only in Digital Form

  1. 2. However, while carrying out the implementation of the ePrivilege Pass/PTO Module, certain practical issues regarding certain categories of employees have been communicated to Boards Office from various quarters. Further, the ePrivilege Pass/PTO Module for Pensionen has not yet been launched due to certain logistical issues and that the same would be commissioned very shortly
  2. 3. Taking into view the concerns raised by various stakeholders, the matter has been thoroughly and comprehensively examined in Boards Office and following decisions have been made for implementation across whole Indian Railways

Issuance of physical passes may be extended up to 31.12.2020 with the corresponding extension of time for booking across PRS counters for serving employees as per the validity of Passes. From 1 January, 2020 onwards the system inay be invariably shifted to ePass module in respect of serving Railway employees. For pensioners, considering the logistical issues and considering the age factors of the end users, physical passes may continue to be issued to pensioners till 31.03.2021 with the corresponding extension of time for booking across PRS counters for pensioners as per the validity of Passes


As far as the Audit staff is concerned, the issue has already been referred to CRIS and till such time improvisation may be made to continue the issuance of physical passes to them

  1. 4

This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority

  1. 5. This letter has been uploaded on the website of Indian Railways at the following location About Indian Railways Overview Directorates Pay Commission Pay CommissionVII 


(Jaya Kumar G) Deputy Director, Pay CommissionVII & HRMS 

Railway Board (Telephone No: 0114784 5125) (email id: