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  This website is grateful to Sri Ravi Sharma TTI/KUR/ECoR for sharing his well summarized hand book “Fare Table with Difference”. This book is proficiently categorized into class wise and train wise difference fare to be collected from passengers.  This hand book will definitely help all Ticket Checking brothers and sisters in their day to day work. As an added advantage the book also contains general working rules regarding penalty, important sections from Railway Act, free allowance and marginal allowance as well as Luggage Rates.

        Disclaimer: The book has been compiled by Sri Ravi Sharma at his own personal capacity and not as an official publication. This book is not intended as a substitute to various IRCA Publications and circulars. Hence, neither the author nor the website lawfully undertakes any responsibility for any error or omission. Readers are requested to refer to IRCA Fare Table, relevant code books, recent circulars and Indian Railway Act with its recent amendments in case of doubt.

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