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ATVM (Automatic Ticket Vending Machine)


Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVM) are Smart Card based ticket vending machines introduced  by IR to reduce passenger queue at ticket counters. These are touch screen based ticketing kiosks connected to UTS Server. One variant uses Smart Cards and the other coins.

  • These stand alone machines are operated by the passenger themselves or by facilitators.

  • ATVM tickets are printed on thermal stationary with pre printed numbering.

  • ATVM machine issues Second Class Single & Return Adult and Child Ticket and Platform Tickets for a maximum of 4 adult/child passengers (including adiilt/child taken together). 

  • Season Tickets are not issued but renewal can be done.

  • Blank Paper Ticket, Money Receipt, Tickets on Concessions / Vouchers and RTCs etc. are not issued through ATVMs. 

Smart Card

  • Smart Cards are chip based cards like ATM cards which are  used to purchase tickets from ATVM. These Smart Cards are issued at Booking Counters . These Cards should be placed at the nominated place on the Kiosk. Ticker fare is automatically debited from the card and required ticket is issued. 

  • The security deposit for ATVM smart card is Rs.50.

  • Smart card can be topped up with minimum of Rs20, after that it can be recharged in the multiple of Rs.50/- up to the maximum limits of Rs.1000.

  • Passengers are given 5% additional value on recharge as bonus. Ex: If they recharge for Rs 100 then total value on the card will be Rs 105.

  •  No discount or bonus are given on issue/ renewal of season tickets

  •  Read :-  ATVM Circular  CC-66/2008 dt 01.12.2008 

  • The validity of smart card is 1 year from the date of issue or from the date of last recharge whichever is later. 

  • If Smart Card is  presented for cancellation within the prescribed time limits the following deductions may be made:- a) Clerkage Charges  b) 4.762% of the fare in the liev of the bonus amount given at the time of topping up of smart cart.

  • Read :-  Refund of tickets issude through ATVMs  CC-45/2012 dt. 27.07.2012 

Procedure for purcasing ticket using Smart Card

  • The passenger should keep the  Smart Card  on  the card reader of ATVM Kiosk.

  • Then select language of  operation, the destination station, via point if any, number of passengers (adult and child) on the touch-screen.

  • The ATVM will then issue the requisite ticket after deducting the amount of the ticket from the balance available in the Smart Card.

  • In case of Non Issue of ticket and money deduction from ATVM , the same will be throughly checked and the corresponding amount will be re-topped. 

  • In case of printing failure / errors in printing  Free EFT will be issued.

ATVM Facilitators

  •  Retired employee of any department should be appointed as ATVM facilitators. 

  • Maximum age limit is 65 yrs.

  • ATVM facilitators will be given a smart card in order to facilitate issuing unreserved tickets; through ATVM. They will be allowed to retain 5% bonus presently being given to the smart card holder.   

  • For facilitators maximum limit in Smart Card is  Rs.5000.

Fixed ATVMs will not be alloted to any facilitator. It would be alloted on rotational basis.

Important Railway Board and Zonal Circulars on ATVM