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CoTVM Cash-Coin & Smart Card operated Ticket Vending Machine


Cash-Coin & Smart Card operated Ticket Vending Machine (CoTVM )are Cash / Coin /Smart Card based ticket vending machines introduced  by IR to reduce passenger queue at ticket counters. These are touch screen based ticketing kiosks connected to UTS Server. 
  • These stand alone machines are operated by the passenger themselves.

  • CoTVM tickets are printed on thermal stationary with pre printed numbering.

  • CoTVM machine issues Second Class Single & Return Adult and Child Ticket and Platform Tickets for a maximum of 4 adult/child passengers (including adiilt/child taken together).

  • Season Tickets are not issued but renewal can be done.

  • Blank Paper Ticket, Money Receipt, Tickets on Concessions / Vouchers and RTCs etc. are not issued through CoTVMs.

Procedure for purcasing ticket using Notes and Coins

  • First select language of  operation, the destination station, via point if any, number of passengers (adult and child) on the touch-screen.

  • Then select mode of payment Smart Card or Cash

  • If Smart Card then the passenger should keep the  Smart Card  on  the card reader of ATVM Kiosk.

  • If Cash then insert the note & coin (as the case may be) one by one. You have to insert the exact amount.

  • The kiosk accepts Indian coins of Rs 5 & Rs 10 and notes of denominations from Rs 5 to Rs 2000 of Mahatma Gandhi series only.

  • These machines do not accept soiled / cut / glued / taped / wet / coloured currency notes.

  • These kiosks will only accept exact amount in currency notes & coins within the pre-defined time i.e 60 seconds  

  • After inserting exact cash, confirm  print ticket. The ticket will be issued. 

  • In case of printing failure / errors in printing  Free EFT will be issued.

Important Railway Board and Zonal Circulars on ATVM