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Letter No : 2018 SOP with updates

Subject matter of the circular

Model Schedule of Power (SOP) was issued first time from the Railway Board on October 26, 2017. Subsequently, a need was felt to bring
out its revised version, incorporating the correction slips, Railways’ best practices and enhanced delegation of power introduced by Railway Board.
A revised Model SOP “Model SOP 2018” is therefore being issued.
This Model SOP document is intended to bring in uniformity in delegation of financial and administrative powers across the Zonal
Railways, Production Units/NAIR/RDSO (to the extent applicable) and empower PHODs/CHODs & DRMs/CWMs (CWMs include all SAG
officers in charge of workshops/depots), including the field officers. GMs could however add further to this delegation in consultation with their
PFAs keeping in view the local requirements while being within the overarching powers delegated to them and in accordance with Government of
India rules. Chairman RRBs will exercise powers as available to SAG officers (Head Quarter) for items pertaining to them.
This Model SOP 2018 covers Works, Medical, Stores, Commercial, Establishment, RPF and Miscellaneous matters including CTIs, IT,
PR. Part G of this document contains the SOP for RPF which includes the latest delegations for RPF in March 2018, over and above those existing
in Section C (Miscellaneous) of this SOP. CHODs will exercise same powers as available to PHODs. It may be seen that powers delegated to
DRMs are generally same for CWMs (in SAG). Principal Chief Security Commissioners (PCSC) of RPF will exercise the powers available to
PHODs for matters concerning them. Similarly, the ADRMs (NFSAG) will exercise same powers as ADRMs (SAG). Also, the branch officersin
Senior Scale (Independent Charge) will exercise same powers as available to divisional officers in JAG/SG. A branch officer is an officer in the
division who directly reports to DRM and is to be treated as independent incharge for all purposes. Also, wherever CWMs are in SS/JAG/SG,the
CWE or concerned SAG officer in Head Quarter will exercise same powers as applicable to CWMs (in SAG) for matters pertaining to
workshop/depots. The Station Directors and the Administrators of the Central Hospitals, both in JAG/SG, will exercise same powers as available
to Branch Officers. Proposals submitted for GM’s sanction will be cleared by AGM, unless GM’s personal sanction/approval is required as per
extant rules. Wherever finance concurrence is not required, it has been specifically mentioned. Wherever nothing is mentioned it should be
presumed that finance concurrence is required. Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Metro Railway/PUs/RDSO will have the same powers as
available with Principal Chief Medical Director (PCMD) of Zonal Railways. (RB‘s letter No. 2018/Trans/01/Policy dated 17.10.2018.)
The exercise of the powers delegated is subject to the observance of provisions of the existing code, rules and other extant orders. The
sanctioning authorities shall pay due regard to the cannons of financial propriety which are enumerated in Para 116 of Indian Railway Finance
Code Vol – I. The exercise of powers by various authorities is subject to availability of funds against the appropriate head of account under the
relevant demand.
Orders/delegations issued by Railway Board, from time to time, shall be applicable, with prospective effect. Railways may issue Correction
Slips as and when such orders/ delegations are issued.


Table of Contents

PART Page No
PART – A: Works Matters A1 – A65
PART – B: Medical Matters B1 – B54
PART – C: Miscellaneous Matters C1 – C88
PART – D: Stores Matters D1 – D47
PART – E: Commercial Matters E1 – E36
PART – F: Establishment Matters F1 – F70
PART – G: Security Matters G1 – G7






S.No. Nature of Power Page No.
1. Waiver / Refund of wharfage, demurrage, storage, and lost property charges E5
2. Write-off of irrecoverable freight charges in respect of the consignments not taken delivery of and subsequently disposed
off by auction. E5
3. Write off of the amounts due to the railway when they are or are not recoverable. E5-6
4. To write-off irrecoverable outstanding earning, irrecoverable losses of cash (including individual amount of outstanding at
stations, values of forged currency notes as advised by cash office/Bank and value of cash vouchers), irrecoverable stores,
tools, and plants pertaining to Comml. Dept. E6-7
5. Refund of fares and freight otherwise than in accordance with the relevant tariff rules E7-8
6. Refund of wagon registration fee otherwise than in accordance with the relevant rules E8
7. Refund / Waiver of demurrage charges at stations / tranship sheds where handling contractors are engaged E8
8. Waiver of penalty charges in cases of miss-declaration of weight and goods E8
9. Refund of penalty charges in individual cases of mis-declared goods E8
10. Refund of fares or freight in cases covered by tariff rules and refund of over charges as per certified over charge sheet E8-10
11. Refund of security deposit to contractors and waiver of detention charges in respect of reserved bogies E10
12. Refund of rental charges for commercial advertisement E10
13. Deleted E10
14. Repairs of parcel handling equipment (including cranes, tow trucks, parcel platform trolley, weighing machine, tools &
plants) E10-11
15. Creation of imprest for maintenance and upkeep of room, toilets, and procurement of stationery & consumables of PRS
location and in commercial office. other than railway premises E11
16. Expenditure incurred for covering and removal of dead bodies from Railway premises E11
17. Payment of claims for compensation for goods lost or damaged E11-12
18. Payment of compensation claims for goods lost or damaged when suit or time barred E12
19. Payment of fees to surveyors engaged for the assessment of the value of the damaged consignments E12
20. Payment of bills for loading and unloading of unconnected or undelivered wagons E12-13
21. Compensation in case of Railway accidents and untoward incidents E13
22. Legal expenses in respect of compensation & claims

23. To make exgratia payments payable to the dependents of dead or to injured passengers including Railway servants on duty
or on privilege pass 1, PTO, involved in train accidents or untoward incident as defined under section 124 & 124-A of Rly
Act 1989 E13-15
24. To make exgratia payments to road users who meet with an accident at manned level crossing, due to Railway’s prima facie
negligence E15-16
25. Contracts for cartage of goods, parcels etc., for loading, unloading, transhipment of goods and other issues incidental to
traffic working, for washing & supply of bedrolls E16-17
26. Contracts for commercial matters viz. Parking, publicity, Pay & Use Toilets, labour license etc., (except parcel leasing and
catering including Signing of Agreement and Halt Contract E17-20
27. Award of Contracts for Medical shops, Book stalls, internet booths E20
28. Opening out-agencies, city/ town booking offices, introduction of other ancillary services & fixing rates for conveyance
over the road portion E20-21
29. Variation of rates fares in case of leasing of other coaching vehicles, goods, and passengers E21
30. Delivery of goods/ parcels on indemnity notes including self-consignments E21
31. Hiring of motor vehicles for the use of ticket checking squads for mid sections checks against ticketless travel E21-22
32. Wagon demand registration fees (lumpsum deposit) E22
33. Authorizing firms or individuals to pay freight by credit note or underweight only system E22
34. Acceptance of percentage charges on values of goods and parcels notified as excepted articles E22
35. Hiring of auto-rickshaw/ taxi for remittance of station/city booking office cash to banks E22
36. Sanction to expenditure on consumables connected with the printing of computerized tickets E22-23
37. Waiver/refund of penalty charges levied on privilege, post retirement, complimentary passes E23
38. Levy of maximum demurrage/ wharfage charges on non-bulk commodities E23
39. Modification/Rectification of software in commercial dept. E23
40. Contracts for emergency stitching of uniforms for TTEs, Train Supdt., special action group people, etc. E23-24
41. Special recording of announcements or enquiries with finance concurrence and specific availability of funds E24
42. Sanction of procurement and annual maintenance of contracts for systems, Data com equipment and electrical equipment
for PRS/ UTS/SPTM/ Passengers amenities E24-25
43. Power to sanction estimate chargeable to revenue and Invitation of advertised tenders for matters incidental to sanitation E25
44. Catering/Vending Contracts E26-27
45. Signing of agreements relating to Major static catering units (Stand Alone AVMs) and Minor static catering units (including
Milk stalls)

46. Imposition or waivable of penalties in terms of Contract. E28
47. To fix tariff of articles sold through catering establishments in station premises other than standardized meals, tea, and
coffee E28
48. Refund of cost of Tenders discharged on valid reasons E28
49. To purchase Catering Stores under tender, contract, or immediate basis E28-30
50. Purchase of proprietary & non-proprietary articles for sale or/and consumption and petty equipment for catering E30-31
51. Purchase of crockery, cutlery line napery/ glassware, cooking and servicing articles E31
52. Emergency purchase of catering items in the event of failure or poor response to tenders E31
53. Condemnation and Disposal of deteriorated stocks E31-32
54. Write off of losses of goods due to deterioration/ condemned/ unfit for human consumption or excess consumption of raw
materials which is incidental in day to day working provided the loss is not due to the carelessness or dishonesty of the
Railway employee E32
55. Repairs to utensils, equipment, machinery including tinning E32
56. Alterations, enhancement, or reduction of accepted rates/ or orders placed E33
57. Disposal of empties E33
58. To write off of losses of cooked food including food which has become unfit for human consumption E33
59. Taking over of dead stock from the existing private catering units to the departmental catering units E33
60. Utilization of earnings from departmentally run catering establishments E34
61. Execution of works for provisions of passenger amenities at Railway Stations sponsored by NGOs, Charitable Instituions,
etc. E34
62. Execution of identified Railway works through CSR of Corporate and PSU E34
63. Renting of space for opening of PRS at non-rail head locations E34-35
64. Provision of new UTS/PRS E35
Annexure E36