Subject : Review of Policy on Pay and Use Toilets

Letter No : 2017/Trans/01/Policy dt 25.04.2018

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No. 2017/Trans/01/Policy New Delhi, dated: 25.04.2018
The General Manager, All Indian Railways
Sub: Review of Policy on “Pay & Use” Toilets
Ref: Decision taken in Board meeting held on 2 February 2018 circulated vide this office letter of even No. dated 24.04.2018
Kindly refer to the above letter wherein it was conveyed that the full Board in its meeting held on 2 February 2018 had decided that Pay & Use Toilet Policy will be examined afresh and a simplified policy will be issued by Transformation Cell.
2. Accordingly, the policy on “Pay & Use” toilets has been re-examined in consultation with Traffic Commercial Directorate. In this regard, it may be recalled that Board has already issued instructions vide letter No. 2013/TG-IV/16/SAN/43/Pol.C1. (Commercial Circular No.39 of 2015) dated 30.06.2015 whereby Zonal Railways have been authorized to finalize their own policy regarding operation and maintenance, including cleanliness, of toilets at various categories of stations. It may be noted that the above policy guidelines issued vide Commercial Circular No.39 of 2015 remains valid and shall continue to be followed.
This issues with the approval of Board (MT, FC and CRB).
No. 2017/Trans/01/Policy
1. PCCMs, All Indian Railways 2. PCOMs, All Indian Railways 3. PCEs, All Indian Railways 4. PFAs, All Indian Railways 5. The ADAI (Railways), New Delhi 6. The Director of Audit, All Indian Railways
Copy – As per list enclosed
3 (Niraj Sahay) Executive Director (Traffic) Transformation Cell Railway Board

New Delhi, dated: 25.04.2018