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Subject :  ACM LDCE 70% Mains Question Paper ECoR

Examination held on 10.08.2021

Subject matter of the circular
Time: 2 hours
Full marks : 100
Date : 10.08.2021
Written Examination  fi th
or e post or ACM(Group B) against 70% vaca ncies,
Full Marks:100 held on 10/08/2021 .
Time :Two Hrs.
There ;ire two pa1·ts in this lluestion paper. Part -Icontam. s 90 questi.ons. All are
compulsory. Part – IIcontains 20 questions. Candidates are required to answer 10 questions from Part – II.
Each question carries one (1) mark. (100 X 1:::100). For each wrong answer
1/3 mark will be deducted. Qualifying marks – 60
Multiple choice questions. Choose the right answer  (A/B/C/D) only in the answer paper against each question.
It consists of 8 pages in English and B pages in Hindi. In case of any ambiguity in Hindi Question paper, The English version will prevail.
(A) 4 (B) 6  (C) 9  (D) 12
Registered newspa pers and magazine is booked at % of Scale s (A)45 (B)SO (C)60 (0)80
Consignments loaded in non-standa rd bags or in loose condition are to be weighed – (A) 5% (B) 25%  (C)  50% (D)  100%
Pena l DC upto – times of normal DC can be levied . (A) 2  (B) 4  (C) 6  (D) 10
Booking of consignment, without taking delivery, after it reaches destination , is called – (A) Rebooking (B) Diversion (C) Trans-shipment (D) Fresh Booki
Claim should be made within —months of booking/delivery of consignment .
(A) 1 (B) 3   (C) 6   (D) 1?….
The validity of General Indemnity Bond is _ years from the date of execution. (A)3 (B) 4 (C) S (D) 6
Supersession al RR is Issued in case of _ (A)Rebooking
(B) Diversion    (C) “To-pay” consignment   (D)”Said -to-contain” Consignment
Which of the following is not a Tank Wagon
SO.At Zonal level , who is the nodal officer for a siding after commissioning ?
The chairman of ZRUCC is –
ACM can grant refund of fare within ta riff rules upto – Rupees. (A) 500 (8)750 (C)lOOO (0)2000
S3.Which is not a money value book ?
(A) BPT  (B)  EFT   (C) UTS Ticket RolJs  (D) Stock Register
S4. General Managers of Zonal Railways are provided with – metal passes .(A) Gold (B) Silver (C) Bronze (D) Platinum
SS. The amou nt of ex-gratia paid to the next of kin for a person’s death in trai n accident is Rs -. (A)S,000  (B) lS,000  (C) 25,000  (D) 50,000
56.Who is the Chairma n of DRU CC ? (A)SrDCM (B)ADR M (C) DRM (D)SrDPO 57.With which type of issues is NGT  concerned ?
(A) Railway Tariff (B) Goods Tariff (C) Environmen t (D) Contractual Labou r
90. Which leave b .
(A) C can encashed at the ti me of supera nnuation.
L (B) LAP (C) LllAP (D) Special leave
Part 2
Luggage booked i11 bra kevan of R type train is charged al – scale.
(A) L   (B) R   (C) P  (0) S
Which is not a roule for movement of freighl Lraffic ?
(A) Universal CC+6 (B) CC+8 (C) CC+ 10 (D) 25 ton axle load
Railway levy a charge of Rs. for issuing Rate Quotation certificate. (A) Rs.750/- (B) Rs.500/- (C) Rs.250/- (D)Rs.1000/-
Goods shed permitted to handle containers are notified as –
(A) CRT   (B) PFT  (C) Public Goods shed   (D) Public sidings
Railway distances are computed through –
(A) TMS  (B) RBS  (C) PRS  (D) PMS
Section 124 of Indian Railway Act deals with claims arising out of – (A) Accidents (B)Untoward I ncidents (C) Freight claims (D) Consumer grievance
Commercial functions in FOIS are included in –
(A) PMS  (B)TMS  (C) Tier 1location (D) All -A, B & C
ORF is used for – (A) creating new assets  (B) renewal of assets (C) Extra budgeta ry expenditu re (D) capital expenditure
Contract labour Act is applica ble for Agencies engagi ng more than – labour. (A) 10 CB) 20 (C) 30 (D) 50
For development of Official language, Odisha is in Region  _
(A) A (B) B (C) C (D) D
When is Hindi Diwas celebra ted in India ?
(A) 14th Sept.   (B) 16th Oct. (C) 27th Jan (D) 27th Nov
Who is the chairman of Zonal Hindi Samiti ?
(A) GM (B) AG M  (C) Rajbhasa Adhika ri (D) PCME
At the Centre which ministry overseas implementation of  Official Language Act ? (A) PMO (B) llome (C) Fi nance (D) Railways
Wh ich is not a language im:luJ ed in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution ?
(A) Maithili (B) Santhali (C) Nepali (D) None of these
74. What does rule ‘)’ refer to (A) Review of service  (H) Pay Fixalion
(C) Appeal under O&A (0) Compulsory Rcllrcmcnl
75. How many days of maternity leave a female employee is entitled to ?
(A) 90 (B) 120 (C) 150 (0)  180
76. Rate of GST for freight traffic is – %
(A)2 (8)3 (C) 5 (D) Nil
77. Who presents the Railway Budget in Parliament ?
MOSR (B) M R (C) Finance  Minister (0)  Finance  Commjssioner
78.Which is not a debit entry in station balance sheet ?  (A) Traffic Earnings
Undercharges advised by TA   (C)Siding Charges (O)Cash acknowledged in CR Note
Special credits are required for clearance of – .  (A)Overcharge sheets (B)Sicling Charges (C) Engine Hire charges (D) Overloading Penalty charges.
Accounts Depa rtment in Zonal Railways is headed by – .
(A) GM (B) AGM (C) PFA (D) FA&CAO/ Traffic
Who issues draft Pa ras ?
(A) Audit Office   (B) Accou nts Office (C) FA&CAO/T  (0) PCCM
Which among these is the best operating ratio ?
(A) 60% (B) 95%  (C) 100% (D) 150%
Contract for cleanliness at a station is usually a – (A)Works Contract (B)
Stores Contract (C) Earni ng Contract  (0) Non e of these
84. Earning of Railways go to – (A) Capital Fu nd (B) Consolida ted Fund of India
(C) Development Fund  (0) Dividend to Govt of I ndia
Maxim um Num ber of co-users permitted in a private siding is — .
(A) Three (B) Four  (C) Five (0) Unlimited
What is the maxim um TatkaJ charge for sleeper class ? (A) Rs 100  (B) Rs 200  (C) Rs 300 (O)Rs 400
Under HOER, ACM comes under category 7
(A) Continuous  (B) Essentially Intermittent  (C) Intensive  (D) Excluded
SM can withdraw from station receipts,for – .
(A) refund of WRF (B) depa rtmental expenditures for accidents, (C) HaJt Agent Commission (D) AJI ot above
89.•special Credit • to clear station outstandings is granted by — ?
58·’.’Stntio1.1-to·Station” rate n’l’ers to  {A)Nonm1I Tat l ff Rate (B) Fu ll Tariff Ra te
(C) lo pay rates (D) Spccral rt•dutcd 1,llc lwtwccn lwo stations
59. IR Act authorises – lo giVl’ fllncss of a Railway Ii nc for p.1ssenger traffic
(A) GM (B) PCE (C) RCT (O) CRS
60.” Notified Stations” mentioned in IR Act affects –
(A) WC (B) Passenger Pt1rc (C) Passenger Am enities (0) Land License Fee
Suspension cases a rc reviewed after – months . (A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) 4
Which is the standa rd form used for major penalty charge sheet ?
(A) SF3 (B) SF5 (C) SFll (D) SFl
63.A railway servant is deemed to be suspended if he is in police custody for more than – hou rs . (A}24 (8)48 (C) 72 (D) with immediate effect
Penalty for compulsory retirement can be imposed by – . (A) Conlt oiling officer (B) Disciplin ary Authority (C)Appointing Authority (D)President of India
Which is not a penalty under D&A rules ? (A)Censu re  (B) Warning (C)Stoppage of pass (0) Recovery from pay for pecunia ry loss
66.A railway servant whose service is continuousshall not be employed for more than – hou rs in a week on a two week period of 14 days ?
(A) 48 (B) 54 (C) 64 (D) 74
67. The maximum limit for accumulation of LHAP is – days .
(A) 180 (B) 240 (C) 3tl0 (D) No limit
68.Who is the chairman of PREM meeting at HQrs ?
(A) CPO/Ad min. (8) PCPO (C) AGM (D) GM
Not more than – cases can be taken by a retired Railway employee as defence helper . (A) 3 (B) 4 (C) 5 (D) 6
Contract Labou r Act does not provide for ·.
(A) Mi nim um Wage (8)Rest Room at Work Place  (C) P.F.  (D) Health I nsurance
Who is the cadre controlling officer of ACM ?
Direct recruitment of ticket collectors covers – % of the total cadre .
(A) 25 (8) 33 (C) 40 (D) 50
26. At YTSK wh· h .
(A) UTS (B) tc  type of llckcts are sold ?
PRS  (C) Both A & B  (D) e-tickets
·Who is the nodal om1  •  f   •   • • .
A) AGM ccr  or Jl.ISScngcr ameni ty works at Zonal level ?
Who is the Chairma n of DRU CC ?
Minim um penalty for travelling withou t ticket is Rs. –
(A) 100 (8) 150 (C) 250 (D) 500
The highest scale of charging parcel is_
(A) L  (B) R  (C) P (D) S
Minimum distance for charging goods traffic is – Km.
(A) 25 (8) 50 (C) 75 (D) 100
Route Rationali sation is applicable for ·traffic.
Passenger (B) Parcel (C) Freight (D) Mail
Maxim um compensation claim payable for Untoward incident is – (A) 2,00,000 (B) 4,00,000 (C) 8,00,000 (D) no upper limit
For overloading of wagons  – charges are collected
(A) EHC  (B) DC  (C) WC   (D) Punitive
PFT stands for – (A) Passenger Fare Tariff (B) Platform Ticket (C) Public Freight Tariff (D) Priva te Freight Terminal
Military traffic when sponsored by MTLRAIL and approved by Railway Board comes under – Priority. (A)’A’   (B) ‘B’  ( C) ‘C’  (D) ‘D’
What is levied for delayed removal of goods from Railway premises ?
(A) DC (B) WC (C) Land License Fee (D) Plot Rental Charges
RailM adad refers to – (A) Help given to passengers by TTEs (B) Help by RPF
(C) Integrated Complaint management system (D) Station facilities for Divyangjan
Appeal against decision of RCT can be made to –
(A) Dist. Court (B) High Court (C)Supreme Court (D) Chairma n , RCT
Leasing of SLR is done for maxim um yea rs.
(A)3 (B) 4  (C) 5 (D) 6
Free time for loading/unloading of BCt\ wagons at goods shed is – hours .
Q/ N
Part – I
Station categorised as NSG-1 class station on originating earning basis should have minimu m annual earning of – (AJSOOcr (B)200cr (CJ100cr (dJ SO er
Which is not a category of Railway station for provision of passenger amenities ?(AJ NSG 6 (BJ SG 4 (C) HG 3 (D) NSG 1
/3·Rs – is collected for issue of sleeper class duplicate ticket before prepartion of reservation  chart . (AJ 2S (BJ SO (C) 100 (D) 25% of fare
4. Closure of halts on Main line will be considered when sale of tickets per day  is less than – (A) 25 (B) 50 (CJ 75 (DJ 100
S. What is the minimum basic fare of a second class monthly season ticket ? (A) RS 100 (B) R.s 150  (C) 200  (D) 250
Which one is the Integrated Helpline Number for passengers ? (A) 131  (B)  138 (C)  139 (0)130
How many ti mes does usually ZRUCC meet in a year ?
(A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 3  (D) 4
Unreserved tickets can’t be obtained through –
(A) ATVM (B) UTS-on-Mobile (C) YTSK (D) IRCTC
9. Categorisation of stations for provision of passenger amenities is revised every
– years . (A) 2 (B) 3 (C) S  (D) 10
Alphabetic Code of stations are issued by –
(A) Railway Board (B) District Magistrate (C) Zonal Statistical dept  (D) I RCA
Works of com pu lerisalion are covered under
(A) PH 16  (B) Pl I 17 (C)  Pll 4 2 (D) Pll Sl
NPR stands for – (A) Non- r1ciglit  Revenue (0) Non Fare Revenue (C) New
Freight Revenue  (D) Non Freighl Refu nd
A station manned by  commercial staff only is ca ll ed –
(A) Block Station  (B) Plag Slation  (C) Halt Slalion (D) non Bl ock Slalion
14.Head of Public Com pla ints M echanism at Zonal level is -A) GM (B) AGM
Reservation on telephon ic request can be made for –
(A) M P (B) Minister  (C) Governor of a state  (D) All of above
ACM can permit Group booking in Sleeper class up to – persons ?
(A) 24  (B) 48  (C) 72  (D) 96
Which can be availed by foreign tourists/N Rls only? (A)Complementa ry Pass
(8) Indrail Pass  (C) Rai l Travel Coupon (D) Circular Journey Ticket
If a train is running late by more than – hours , one can claim full refund .
(A) 1 (8) 2 (C) 3 (D) 4
In case of reserved ticket, refund is granted upto – hours before the scheduled departure of the train . (A) 3 (8) 4 (C) 12 (D) 24
What is the free allowance for carrying luggage in sleeper class ? (A) 15 kg (8) 35Kg  (C) 50kg (D)  70Kg
What is the maxim um discount for booking a ticket through ATVM ?
(A) 2%  (8) 3%  (C) 4%  (D) 5%
Tatkal booking for non-AC class begins at –
(A) 8Hrs  (B) 9H rs  (C) lOHrs  (D) 11Hrs
Wh ich service is not provided by lRCTC ?
(A) Flight booking (8)Tourist booki ng  C) e-catering  (D)Courier service
24. All types of Special Pa rcel tra i ns shall be charged at _ Scale.
(A) P (8) R (C) S (D) L
25. Minim um composi tion of parcel rakes for transportation of fruits and vegetables is  – VPs..
(A)20 (8) 15 (C)12 (0)10
H indi is given the status of Rajb hasa i n wh ich article of the Constitution ? (A) 343 (B) 353 (C) 363 (D) 373 (1)
Who is the Kendriya H indi Samiti Adhyakshya ?
(A)Prime  Mi nister (B) Home M i nister  (C) M inister of H u man Resources  (D) M inister  of  Programme  Implementation
Which is not a H indi course prescribed for Central Govern ment employees ?
(A) Prabod h (B)Praveen (C) Pragya (D) Kovid
Which is not a mandatory language for station name boards ?
(A) English (B) Hindi (C) Urdu (D) regional  language
Wbich of these has to be bi lingual vide section 3(iii) of Official Language Act?
(A) Note S!heet (B) Leave Application  (C) Tender Notice  (D) D.0. letter
Track Hoppers are used for unloacLing — wagons .
(A) BOXN (8) BCN (C) BOBR ( BRN.