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CC 13 of 2022 24.05.2022

Addendum No 2 of Commercial circular No 14 of 2021

Sub :- Operation of Theme-based ‘Bharat Gaurav Trains’ over Indian Railways.

Ref :- Commercial Circular No. 14/2021 dated 23.11.2021.

This is in continuation of Board’s letter dated 19.04.2022 vide which one time modification in coach composition request by the service provider has been permitted within a period of one week from uploading of PBG. After careful examination, Competent Authority have decided as under: 1. One time modification in rake request by the services provider shall be permitted upto signing of the agreement after uploading of PBG on the portal subject to payment of all applicable charges accruing to Railways as per the revised coach composition.

2. For the purpose of allotment of rake, the priority shall be at the bottom of the existing priority list, at the time of request of composition change.

3. The excess RU charges, if paid, shall not be refunded but only adjusted against future dues of the service provider. If the revised RU charges, due to modification in rake requests, are more than the already paid RU charges, the difference will be paid by the service provider.

4. Commencement of itinerary by the service provider would be permitted only after three weeks from submission of revised rake composition so as to facilitate Railways to make allotment of coaches.

All other instructions/guidelines of Commercial Circular No 14 of 2021 shall remain unchanged.