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Prequalifying ACM Exam Question Paper SR 09.04.2022

Selection for promotion from Group ‘C’ to Group ‘U’ post of ACM (30%) in
Commercial Department (Level-8)
Date: 09/04/2022 Total Marks: 100
Time:2 hours (12.00 hrs. to 14.00 hrs.) Qualifying Marks: 75
Instructions to the candidates:
1) Do not write your name or any other identification mark anywhere on the answer book
other than the fly leaf.
ii) All the columns in the fly leaf should be properly filled up.
iii) Answers to all questions should be written in the Answer sheet only and nothing should be written or scribbled in the question paper.
iv) Answers to the questions should be written in Capital Letters, only (A) or (B) or (C) or (D)
r) No corrections of any type like given below will be permitted:
a) Cutting
b) Overwriting
c) Scoring-off an answer & writing another answer
d) Erasing or modifying the answer in any way.
Zero marks will be awarded in such cases of corrections and the question will
count towards attempted questions.
vi) There shall be negative marking for incorrect answers. One-third of the marks allotted for each question will be deducted for every wrong answer.
vii) All quest ions carry equal marks.
viii) The 10 questions on Rajbasha are optional and it is reiterated that only any 100 questions are to he attempted. In the event of any excess over 100, only the first 100 questions auernptcd will be evaluated.
ix) Before submitting the answer sheets, it should be ensured that all blank boxes of unanswered questions should he completely scored out.
x) Please clarify any doubts/queries immediately at the beginning of the FINVir: I hi.
question paper L,onsit►ts of 22 pages.
xi) It may be noted that in the event °limy doubt/discropatwy, the most *Pi °Minn acid the Ltiglish version will prevail.

Debit/Credit Scheme of Demurrage: Whenever a customer is able to handle wagons in less than the permissible free time, resulting in earning of credit hours, the credit
hours so earned will be adjusted to the extent of 100% against the debit hours. In this regard which of the following is / are not correct?
(i) Demurrage Charge will be levied on the basis of net debit hours.
(ii) No refund will be admissible for credit hours.
(iii) The scheme shall be applicable for the goods traffic dealt at all kinds of
freight terminals e.g.goods sheds, private sidings, PFTs, E0I, terminals etc.
(iv) Clubbing of debit/credit hours for different terminals will be allowed in
case of a customer handling traffic at multiple terminals.
A. (iii) only
B. (iv) only
C. (i) and (ii) only
D. None of the above
2. In the matter of stacking permission for indented parcel vans, which of the following is/are true?
(i) Permission and time for advance stacking at the originating station as well as time for removal at the destination station shall be granted similar to provisions available in Comprehensive Parcel Leasing Policy as applicable to leased parcel vans.
(ii) It shall be ensured that stacking permission is not granted on Platforms where passenger carrying trains are also dealt with and there is no unnecessary stacking within the Railway premises.
A. (i) Only
B. (ii) Only
C. (i) and (ii)
D. None of the above.
3. Diswunt applicable on indented Parcel trains and indented phut-tival Parvet Vans for &blame not Imre than 1500 Kms and utilisation Moss 40°0 but not itm than 2514 during the last monthb is
A. tip to 40% 15. t ip to 30%
C. Up to 25%
D. None of the above.

4. As per policy on Gati Shakthi Multimodal cargo Terminal, shall be the
nodal officer for all issues regarding the setting up and/or operation of a OCT.
B. DRM of concerned division
D. None of the above.
5. As per policy on Gati Shakthi Multimodal cargo Terminal, shall be the
coordinating officer during approval and construction stage for setting up a new GCT.
A. Sr. DCM
B. Sr. DOM
D. None of the above.
6. A customer who opts for premium indent for supply of wagons has to pay premium of
A. Ten percent of WDRF
B. Fifteen percent of WDRF
C. Ten percent of normal Freight
D. Fifteen percent of normal freight.
7. If a BRN rake in otherwise empty return direction is supplied against an indent of 25 NMG Wagons and party agrees to undertake loading, then the freight charges payable will be:
A. Freight equivalent to standard rake size of BRN wagons at NMG rate irrespective of loaded wagons – NMG rate
13. Freight equivalent to that of 25 NM wagons irrespective of number of wagons loaded
C. Freight equivalent to the actual number of URN wagons loaded on pro rata basis
D. None of the above

8. If automobile traffic is booked in a standard NMG rake from a siding to a goods shed situated less than 3500 kms away and all the wagons are loaded, then the freight charges will comprise of:
A. Freight as per distance slab for one wagon multiplied by 25, plus development surcharge and GST thereon
B. Freight as per distance slab for one wagon multiplied by 25 plus destination terminal charges, development surcharge and GST thereon
C. Freight as per distance slab for one wagon multiplied by 30 and GST thereon
D. Freight as per distance slab for one wagon multiplied by 30 plus originating and destination terminal charges, development surcharge and GST thereon.
9. A commodity which has not been included in any of the main commodity head or three divisions of low rated commodities given in the goods tariff is being loaded in flat wagons, then the applicable base rates will be charged at
A. Class 200
B. Class 100
C. Class 160
D. Class 180
10. In case of military traffic, total charge for a mixed train (coaching and goods, including a minimum of one coach) should be worked out as:
A. actual number of coaches/wagons subject to minimum of 25 bogie wagons and 5 coaching vehicles
B. actual number of coaches/wagons subject to a minimum charge of 18 coaching vehicles
C. actual number of coaches/wagons without subject to any minimum charges
for military
D. actual number of coaches/wagons used subject to a minimum charge of 30 bogie wagons
11.1f overloading is detected on weighment at a weighbridge other than originating point and load adjustment is carried out at that point, then
A. No punitive charges is leviable as load adjustment is carried out before reaching destination and safety of rake is ensured
B. Punitive charges are leviable for entire distance irrespective of load adjustment done at the point of detection
C. Freight charges are levied for the detected weight for the entire distance up to destination but punitive charges is recovered up to point of detection
D. Punitive charges are recovered for distance from originating station to load adjustment point.

hum! lore of At Vibladome coaches shall he times of the Executive class
hose fare of Slisilithdi miens
A, 1,1
II, 1,2
I), None of the above
II Which of the following is not true about Vistadomecoaches?
A. Normal child fare rules will apply. No concessional tickets and tickets against free
complimentary passes which arc not fully reimbursed shall be admissible in this coach.
B. !looking of tickets against passes issued to Members of parliament and Rail
Travel Coupons issued to MI,AS / MLCs, warrants etc. for which they, are fully reimbursed shall be permitted in this coach.
C. Eligibility of privilege pass / PTOs / Duty passes etc for railway employees shall be on par with eligibility in the executive class of Shatabdi trains.
D. None of the above. 14. Which of the following is true about AC 3 tier economy coach?
A. Base fare for 3AC economy coach shall be 2.4 times of base fare of the existing sleeper class coach of mail / express trains.
B. Other charges like reservation fee, superfast surcharge, Goods and Service tax ctr. as applicable for 3AC classes shall be levied separately.
C. Higibility of privilege pass / PT() for railway employees shall be at par with eligibility in 3rd AC coaches of Mail/Express trains.
D. All the above.
15. The 1xmus given at the time of recharge of K-wallet in case of unreserved ticket
booking through mobile phone is
A. 2% of the recharge value
B. 3% of the recharge value
C. 5% of the recharge value
D. None of the above

16. The booking code and coach code of Vistadome AC coaches are
A. EV and EN respectively.
B. AV and EV respectively
C. EV and AV respectively
D. None of the above
17. The percentage discount given on booking of reserved ticket through UPI (Unified payment interface) including SHIM application across computerized passenger reservation system counters is
A. 2% on the total value of basic fare
B. 3% on the total value of basic fare
C. 5% on the total value of basic fare
D. None of the above.
18. In regard to ICRP (Identity Card cum Railway Pass), which of the following statement is incorrect.
A. The holder need not pay Reservation charge & supplementary charge.
B. The holder cannot travel by Duranto/Rajdhani/Shatabdi express trains.
C. The holder can break journey anywhere.
D. Charges for their journey are paid by Accountant General (Central revenues)
19. To obtain IZZAT season ticket, an income certificate issued from the letter pad of MLA is valid for.
A. 2 years
B. 5 years
C. One time only
D. None of the above.
20. The validity of the Doctor certificate issued to persons with disability (Divyangjan), if
the nature of the Handicap is permanent and the age of passenger is 26-35 years is
A. 5 years
B. 10 years
C. 15 years
D. Life Time

21. The symbol (!) mark in reservation chart means:
A. Pre-bought ticket 11. Doctor
C. Fscom party
D. lipgraded passenger
22. Maximum how many dogs can be carried per passenger on same PNR in IAA or EC provided the whole coupe or compartment booked by the party?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
23. Minimum chargeable fare for suburban section is
A) Rs.10
B) Rs.5 C)Rs.3 D) None of the above
24. Validity of TB concession for Outward journey is
A. 3 months
B. 12 months
C. 6 months
D. 5 months
25. What is the registration fee per coach for FTR coach booking through IRCTC?
A. Rs.100000
B. Rs.50000
C. Rs.40000
D. Rs.75000
26. Advance Reservation period for Foreign Tourist Quota booking in IRCTC website is
A. 120 days H. 90 days
C. 180 days
D. 365 days

27. Non fare revenue directorate has been merged with directorate for effective
A. Traffic Commercial
B. Tourism & Catering
C. Filiciency & Research
D. Public Relations
28. policy is introduced to monetize entertainment-based services on trains
andstations through audio and video systems including personal devices of passengers.
A. Content on Demand
B. Rail Display Network
C. Out of Home Advertising
D. Unsolicited Proposals
29. Right of Refusal is a unique feature in the policy for under NFR.
A. Content on Demand
B. Rail Display Network
C. Out of Home Advertising
D. Unsolicited Proposals
30. The tenure of NINFRIS (New and Innovative Non-Fare Revenue Ideas) contracts can be extended further for a period of year with the approval of DRM.
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four
31. In case of Capital intensive NINFRIS (New and Innovative Non-Fare Revenue Ideas) the tenure can be fixed upto a maximum of years with the approval of GM.
A. Three
B. Four
C. Five
D. Ten
32. In an advertising tender, the Security Deposit shall be in the form of .
A. Banker’s Cheque
B. Bank Guarantee/Fixed Deposit Receipt
C. Demand Draft
D. None of the above

33. Non-refundable registration lee payable by the Service Provider for Bharath (Iaurav Trains is
A. Rs. 1,00,000/-
B. Rs. 10,00.000/-
C. Rs. 5.00,000/-
D. None of the above
34. Compensation on account of untoward incident is dealt under section of
Railway Act.
A. 123
B. 124
C. 124 —A
D. 124 —B
35. The Station earnings can be used in the payment for shrouds to cover dead bodies of victims of accidents on Railway for the amount not exceeding Rs. in each case.
A. 1500
B. 2500
C. 3000
D. 5000
36. The following is not allowed for withdrawal from station earnings:
A. Refund of WDRF
B. Refund of Perishable Deposits
C. Ex-gratia amounts
D. Refund of Freight
37. What is the minimum amount of compensation payable as per the nature of injuries listed in the Schedule annexed to the Railway Accidents and Untoward Incidents (Compensation) Rules for injuries suffered by a bona tide Railway passenger, as on date?
A. Rs.64,000/-
B. Rs.80,000/-
C. Rs.32,000/-
D. Rs.50,000/-

38. What is the maximum punishment for making a false claim for compensation for loss, destruction, damage, deterioration or non-delivery of any consignment?
A. Imprisonment up to 2 years
B. Fine
C. Imprisonment up to 3 years
D. Imprisonment up to 3 years & fine
39. How many chapters arc there in Railway Act 1989?
A. 31
B. 19
C. 25 D.16
40. Smoking in Railway Premises is prohibited under Section of Railway Act,
A. 167
B. 145
C. 162
D. 165
41. There are centralized training institutions on Indian Railways.
A. Seven
B. Six
C. Five
D. None of the above
42. National Academy of Indian Railway is situated at
A. Pune
B. Vadodara
C. Chennai
D. None of the above
43. Indian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering is situated at
A. Lucknow
B. Nashik
C. Pune
D. None of the above