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CC 03 of 2023 dtd. 22.02.2023

Sub:- Review of-STBA-(Station-Ticket Booking-Agent) scheme revised -vide CC no. 04 of 2022.

Ref: Commercial Circular no. 04 of 2022 and this office letter of even number dated 13.02.2023.

The STBS (Station Ticket Booking Sewak) scheme (now STBA) was initially launched on E-category stations (now NSG-6) as a pilot vide CC no. 66 of 2013 and was later rolled out as a_ full-fledged scheme under the name STBA vide CC no. 53 of 2015.

1.1 The policy was, in course of time, expanded to NSG-5 stations vide CC no. 04 of 2020. Recently, vide CC no. 04 of 2022 the STBA scheme has been revised, inter-alia, delineating the following:-
a. STBA may be engaged at those NSG-5 and NSG-6 category stations where ASMs/ Booking clerks/ reservation staff are issuing tickets presently.
b. On a pilot basis, Zonal Railways may also engage STBA at NSG- 4 & SG — 3category stations. However, the engagement of STBA on these categories of stations shall be initially for a period of only one year.
c. Vide Para 2.1 of CC no. 04 of 2022, it was, inter-alia, spelt out, “…The policy is valid for a period of one year and performance of the scheme should be reviewed on quarterly basis and the feedback sent to this office for further evaluation.”

2. It has now been decided that pilot of STBA scheme on NSG-4 and SG-3
stations may be extended for another period of six months i.e. upto 21.08.2023.
However, concerted efforts may be made in order to bring down the dependency
on STBA and to divert the same to other sources of ticketing like ATVM where commission outflow is comparatively less.
Zonal Railways may take necessary steps to educate the passengers in usage of A’TVMs with more innovative methods.
Further, it is also desired that UTSONMOBILE may be promoted to bring unreserved ticketing more into the digital ambit.

3. Zonal Railways may, however, send feedback asked for vide this office letter of even number dated 13.02.2023 to enable final decision regarding continuation of this project or otherwise. Monthly feedback on the performance of the pilot may also be sent during this extended period.

4. CRIS shall make modifications to make ATVMs more user-friendly.

5. Necessary instructions may be issued to all concerned accordingly.

6. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.