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CC 06 / 2023 Dtd. 21.03.2023

In continuation of above, Ministry of Railways have decided to withdraw instruction issued vide Commercial Circular no. 22 of 2022 dated 11.11.2022 (regarding unified AC 3-tier service) with detailed conditions as mentioned in para 2 below and accordingly restore Commercial Circular no. 10 of 2021 dated 19.08.2021. However, joint instruction as regards provision of linen in 3AC economy coaches (LWACCNE) dated 08.09.2022 shall continue.
(2). For restoration of all provisions of AC 3-tier economy w.e.f 22.03.2023 following is instructed:
(a). From 22.03.2023, all future bookings in AC economy coaches beyond the No Booking Date/ARP shall be done as ‘3E’ instead of ‘3A’. Coach ID shall be changed to ‘M instead of B’.
(b). For bookings already made in AC 3-tier economy coaches as ‘3A’ at the time of charting CRIS shall readjust charting and allot berths in 3E coaches with coach ID ‘M’. CRIS may ensure compaction of already allotted passengers to the extent possible.
(c). Difference of fare between AC 3-tier and AC 3-tier economy shall be automatically given by IRCTC in case of i/e-tickets. For counter ticket passengers, difference of fare shall be given as per existing refund rule for refund of difference of fare in case of lower class of travelling.
(d). SMS shall be sent to all such passengers.
(3). The above changes shall be made effective from 22.03.2023.
(4). CRIS is requested to make necessary changes in the software.
(5). The receipt of this letter may be acknowledged. Also please check these instructions on the Indian Railways website – under the head commercial circulars.
This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.
(Vipul Singhal)
Director Passenger Marketing
Railway Board